Minecraft:JE in C++
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AltCraft CI

AltCraft is implementation of Minecraft: Java Edition (1.12.2) in C++.

This is aimed at being fast, being free and being easy expandable.

Demonstration (more)

screenshot_1 screenshot_2

Clickable video: video_1_yt


  1. Install CMake 3.14, C++ compiler, OpenGL.

Windows: VS2019 and workload Desktop development with C++

Ubuntu: apt install cmake g++ libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev

MacOS: xcode-select --install and install CMake

  1. Build AltCraft using CMake (run in directory with clonned AltCraft repo):
    mkdir build && cd build
    cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
    cmake --build .

Windows: Just Clone a repository on statup screen in VS2019.

Linux and MacOS: Alternatively, you could build and run using IDE such as CLion.

Linux: There is a problem that Optick does not compile, so for now it needs to be disabled via the additional CMake parameter -DOPTICK_ENABLED=OFF.

  1. Copy .minecraft/version/{version}/{version}.jar/assets/ to AltCraft-root/cwd/

You can extract .jar file as .zip archive.

/cwd/assets/minecraft/models/block/block.json must be a valid path.

  1. Set /cwd/ as working directory and run AC: cd ../cwd/ && ../build/AltCraft

Med zimskimi počitnicami so pričakovani občasni izpadi podomrežja O, ker bodo izvajana testiranja varnosti komunikacijsko-informacijske opreme.