kremžljivi skripti za programsko delo s telefonskim imenikom slovenije
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to get everyone in iTIS directory as a json file:


to send any amount of SMS messages with 100% custom body:

#!/usr/bin/env php
require_once "itisclient/main.php";
$ui = new itisClient();
if($ui->posljisms("064176435", "prefix_sporocila ", "glavni_del_// sporocila")) // prefix je lahko "";takrat je glavni del 160 znakov
	{echo "(-;";}
else    {echo ")-;";}

and let it run for a couple of minutes (?)

registration not added yet, no captcha=>should be simple, but a SMTP listener client will have to be implemented


this section, as well as any exploit scripts have been removed due to ZInfV (zakon o informacijski varnosti/information security act of Slovenia) (UrRS 030/2018, stran 4435)


me, the developer of this script, takes no responsibility for the use of this script. you must create an account on in order to use this script, so you when being the end user of this script also become the end user of webservice, meaning you automatically agree with all terms, licences and statements provided by them

licence of this script on the other hand is WTFPL (see file LICENCE) and in a nutshell means that you can do what ever the fuck you want with this script, but keep in mind that again, get out of my face and don't get me involved in anything legal-ish related...

by using this script or even cloning it or viewing the code you agree that you will not sue me or make any legal action against me regarding this script and all related parties. You agree that no mather what damage this script causes to any computer ever it is entirely your fault and liability. Nothing in this repository should ever be used against me.