a set of scripts that searches for available short domains by bruteforcing whois and availability check websites. https://ž.ga/
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Because, as you probably know, 2 letter domains (xy.ab) can be a real treasure. They can be easily sold for a couple thousand euros. I recommend you to wait a year or two holding it and then sell it, Internet is growing and short domain will get way more valuable.

a script bundle used to find short (2 character) domain names by bruteforcing known availibility check websites without captchas and by querying whois databases.

requirements and installation:

sudo apt update
sudp apt upgrade
sudo apt install whois curl tor torsocks

edit /etc/tor/torrc and enable ControlPort on and SocksPort on, use

tor --hash-password yourtorpassword

to generate a Control Hash Password to be placed in torrc. Also update that password in scripts that use it.

sudo apt clean
git clone https://git.sijanec.eu/sijanec/short-domain-finder.git
cd short-domain-finder
chmod +x *.sh
chmod +x *.py
chmod +x *.php

Med zimskimi počitnicami so pričakovani občasni izpadi podomrežja O, ker bodo izvajana testiranja varnosti komunikacijsko-informacijske opreme.