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discord.c is a lightweight chat client that connects to the discord.com chatting platform
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an alternative client for the discord messaging platform, written in the C programming language.


  • a POSIX system
  • GNU C library
  • GNU compiler collection
  • GNU Make
  • libcurl 7.17.0 or newer with HTTPS support*
  • ncursesw6
  • libcjson-dev


screenshot in fullscreen


debian (ubuntu as well)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install discord.c

you need to add my apt repository.

built packages only exist for amd64, arm64 and i386. for other architectures grab the source package:

apt-build install discord.c

caveman style install

./discord.c -e email@address.example -p password

automatic building

automatic building is done on two servers, one for arm64 and the other for amd64.

check the build badge before downloading:

Build Status

there are deb packages and binaries.

missing features

  • check for permissions before join


*openssl is known to be write()ing to closed sockets and generating SIGPIPEs that discord.c does not catch and is terminated. Use a more sane TLS library instead such as gnutls, on which the debian package depends.